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Anatomy of a B2B Video Lead Generation Campaign

Video is a very powerful B2B marketing tool when properly incorporated into a marketing campaign. However, too often marketers approach video as a one off project and don’t plan beyond the production process. If you want your video to help drive new leads and conversions you’ll need to plan and execute a multi-faceted campaign around the video, not just post it on your company’s website. Below are the marketing components that should be planned to help ensure a successful video lead generation campaign.

Video Campaign Strategy

Before rushing into video production mode, remember, a successful video lead generation campaign requires some thoughtful strategy development and all good marketing programs. Consider these important questions to help develop an effective B2B video campaign strategy:

-    Who is the target audience for this campaign?
-    What is the campaign type (nurturing, win-back, etc.)?
-    What are the campaign’s specific goals?
-    How does this campaign tie into our overall corporate marketing strategy?
-    What is the campaign “call to action” and “offer”?
-    What are the ideal combination of traffic drivers and marketing channels (email, display, PPC, social, telemarketing) for this campaign considering the available budget?

Stopping to think through these critical campaign strategy questions will ultimately be worth the effort and generate a much higher conversion rate for your campaign.


Campaign Messaging

Concise messaging is vital for the overall success of the campaign. Be sure the messaging includes the core marketing message, any supporting details, and the call to action (CTA). Also be sure to consider the target audience and your solution’s competitive advantages in the messaging. The script for the campaign video should be to limited to around 145 words to keep the video to less than 60 seconds in length. Brief videos are overwhelmingly preferred by viewers. It’s important that the campaign messaging be consistent in the video, on the landing page, and in any traffic drivers (email, display, PPC copy, social) that will be deployed.

Video Production

Producing a concise video that is visually appealing, well branded and delivers the specific campaign messaging will generate the best results. Keep the video to 60 seconds or less and make sure the video reinforces the campaign CTA. Use the type of video (company overview, solution explainer or testimonial) and production style (on-site shoot, motion graphics, repurposed assets) that best fit given the overall campaign strategy and audience.

Streaming & Analytics

Video is a powerful B2B marketing tool but it’s only effective when the video consistently streams across a wide array of operating systems, browsers and mobile devices. Remember streaming video is a not trivial matter and that YouTube is a poor choice for video delivery. You should give serious consideration to using a low cost online video platform to ensure reliable streaming to your marketing videos.

The analytics captured from video viewership can be of great value to B2B marketers. Clearly, metrics such as video plays to conversions are important in determining the overall success of a video lead generation campaign. Also important are the individual video viewership analytics such as video plays and viewer engagement.  Individual video viewership analytics data can be used for lead scoring and developing smartly targeted lead nurturing campaigns.

Video Landing Page

A video landing page that prominently feature the campaign video, CTA copy, offer and lead capture form should be the primary hub for the campaign. The traffic driver sources (email, display, PPC, etc.) should direct all campaign traffic to the video landing page. Use a light amount of copy on the landing page but be sure to reinforce the core campaign messaging and CTA. Allow the campaign video to do the heavy lifting of delivering the detailed campaign messaging while reinforcing the campaign CTA.

Lead Capture

Offering potential customers an item of value like a quality white paper or customer case study (the campaign offer) in exchange for their contact information is one of the primary keys to getting conversions for the campaign CTA. The better the offer, the better the response rate for the campaign. Keep the lead capture form on the video landing page simple and only request a minimum amount of information, be sure to provide a link to your company’s privacy policy on the landing page. Ideally, the lead capture form will be integrated into your company’s marketing automation or CRM system. Have a plan for how the leads will be handled once the data is collected. Remember that capturing a prospect’s contact information is only the first step towards implementing a smart, personalized marketing campaign for this new potential customer.

Stand alone video productions can look great on your company's website. However, if you want your video to produce results in terms of engaging potential customers and generating new leads, take the time to plan and implement a well thought out B2B video lead generation campaign. The marketing results will be worth the effort!