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Best Practices for Including Video in Demand Generation Campaigns

Writer's note: This post is an adaptation of The Three Keys to Driving Demand with Video guest post we recently contributed at Eloqua's Blog.

Leads drive business. Demand generation drives leads. Video drives engagement. Highly valuable, engaging content is the cornerstone to an effective demand generation campaign. Video offers today’s marketers a chance to accelerate the sales cycle and capture a prospects attention like no other media. But not all video is equal. Find out how to integrate video into your next demand generation campaign without a misstep.

Video is multichannel. When implemented as key component of a demand generation campaign video can be a highly effective at engaging potential customers across web, mobile and social channels.

4 Key Best Practices for Including Video in Demand Generation Campaigns

1) Video Production Matters

Before rushing headlong into the video production process take the time to do some planning. Consider how the video can be designed to best support your specific demand generation campaign:

1.Begin with the Messaging – Determine the target audience, core campaign message and call to action then incorporate this messaging into the script and visual elements of the video.

2.Consider the Production Options – Consider which production styles best fit the campaign objectives and budget. In addition to on-site shoots, motion graphic productions or even repurposed existing marketing assets are very good options for producing high quality video content.

3.Keep the Video Brief – Keep the length of the video to around 60 seconds. The attention spans of potential customers are shorter than you think, especially from a mobile device.

2) Not all Videos are Alike

Instead of producing an epic, all encompassing company video, consider producing different types of videos that can be smartly deployed during various stages of a demand generation campaign. While there are many different styles of videos below are three good types to consider:

1.Overview – An overview video is ideal for providing an introduction to your company’s solutions and how they solve customer’s business challenges.

2.Solution Explainer - Explainer videos clearly and concisely explain complex products or solutions in a simple way that potential customers will easily understand.

3.Testimonial – Testimonial videos utilize current customers’ experiences to explain specifically how your company helps solves a problem or improve business results in their own words.

3) Activate Video to Work for You

Deploying targeted video content to potential clients based on their identified interests or current stage in the sales funnel is ideal. Below is a simple strategy for adding video to demand generation campaigns:

1.Top of the Funnel – Deploy a company overview video to introduce your company and its solutions.

2.Middle of the Funnel – Use an explainer video to explain in greater detail how a specific solution can benefit this potential client.

3.Bottom of the Funnel – Share a testimonial video from a current customer to describe how your company’s specific solution solved their business challenges.

Demand Gen with Video.jpg

4) Use Video Analytics to Drive Results

Another benefit of using video in demand generation campaigns is the collection of highly valuable analytics that can be used to create even more effective campaigns in the future. Below are a few potential uses for video analytics:

1.User Engagement Metrics – Unlike most other types of marketing content you can measure exactly how much of a video is consumed and how well it engages the target audience.

2.Lead Scoring – Video viewership analytics can be used to help improve lead scoring.

3.Lead Nurturing Campaigns – Use video viewership analytics to identify the ideal content to deliver in future lead nurturing campaigns.

Video is an ideal demand generation tool. And used properly with your marketing campaigns, video can be highly effective at engaging potential clients and generating valuable analytics.

Are you ready to unleash video to drive demand for your company?

By David Rose, COO




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