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Content Marketing With Online Video

What Exactly is Content Marketing?

More and more corporate marketers are embracing a strategy of providing high value content to their target customers in an effort to “pull” them toward their brand or product.  Instead of only providing incentives or offers, brands are now regularly providing useful information to their prospective customers.

For example, Performance Bike has created a series of “how to” video content on topics important to bike enthusiasts such as changing a tire or adjusting a derailleur. Even though this “how to” content doesn’t directly help sell bikes it can help ultimately help drive consumer traffic to the company’s website, eCommerce store and physical retail locations.

Content marketing is certainly a smart strategy to pursue. The traditional “push” marketing tactics of continually sending out discounts, offers and specials are becoming less effective as buyers have easy access to detailed information on your competitor’s pricing and products.

Brands that successfully execute a content marketing strategy over an extended period of time can benefit in many ways including:

•    Engaging potential customers earlier in the buying cycle
•    Establishing an industry thought leadership position
•    Enhancing overall brand awareness
•    SEO on important industry keywords
•    Increased page views and time on site metrics

Your Customers Currently Consume Video (lots of it)

Consumers and business executives alike are increasingly embracing video as a preferred method of content consumption. comScore reported that 85 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video during June of this year. Forbes released a white paper titled “Video in the C-Suite” that found more than 75% of C-Suite Executives surveyed said they watch work-related online video on business-related website at least weekly. 65% of C-suite Executives report visiting a vendor’s website after watching their online video.

Video and Content Marketing

Video is the ideal for content marketing since it allows brands to deliver a concise message in a format that customers and potential customers already embrace. All the video elements including the images, voice over and background music can be leveraged as additional support the brand’s image and message.  And in the right creative hands producing highly effective video content can be very affordable.

Another benefit of using video for content marketing is that it can delivered virtually anywhere including websites, mobile devices, landing pages and social networks.

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Video Analytics

Video also provides valuable analytics on customer behavior and interactions.  Having detailed information on the number of video plays and duration of viewership for a specific video can help marketers gather information on the interests of their customers. For example, a brand that leverages a marketing automation solution can automatically deliver highly targeted content or offers to customers based on their previous interactions with a specific video topic.

Getting Started

Your customers already embrace the video format and can easily access video through their preferred communication channel. Plus, video provides valuable customer analytics.  In short, video is a highly effective and cost effective way to extend your company’s content marketing strategy. The best way to get started in video content marketing is to pick a hot topic and create on your first video!

by David Rose, COO at MagnetVideo

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